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Your Solution To Real Issues

We are a simple solution to what can sometimes be a real issue for childcare settings that must adhere to the ratio of children to support staff. We know that if you are charged with managing a nursery or heading a school you will have your hands full with the many other tasks that need to be completed. We ensure we are a help and not a hindrance. We tell you immediately when we can help, we don't keep you waiting and we don't make false promises.

Our Aim

At Early Years Recruitment our objective is to ensure the service we provide to candidates and our clients is of the very highest standard. We are known for supporting childcare settings, sometimes at very short notice, with a professional and capable qualified or experienced individual.

Established in 2003

Early Years Recruitment were the very first specialist agency in the UK, quite an achievement. We are a simple solution to what can be a very complicated problem. We have childcare qualified consultants who create a lasting, strong relationship with our candidates and our clients making communication simple.

We have done everything possible to make sure we achieve our objectives which includes providing a cost-effective, total solution to our clients that's easy to use and ensures our candidates are valued and have nothing but great experiences whilst working with us

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